Quilting Starters - What is a Fat Quarter.

What is a Fat Quarter?

We generally sell our fabrics by the metric Fat Quarter (FQ) - unless otherwise stated - which measures approximately 55cm x 50cm but this may vary slightly depending on the width of fabric.  Essentially, this is a metre of fabric cut in half accross the full width of the fabric, and then cutting this piece in half again.  Fabric is generally 110cm (44inch) in width, hence the 55x50cm size.

I am from the 'cut it quite generously' school of thought which allows you to straighten any slightly errant cuts, whilst still retaining the full purchased size of fabric.  Many patterns, after all, require the full fat quarter!

If you see a Fat Eighth mentioned on our website, this is a piece approx 25cm x 55cm.  Although this is not the typical cut, we do sometimes cut large collections as Fat8s so that you can get a full collection or bundle at a more affordable price.


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