Tula Pink - Zuma - Whitecaps Glowfish


From the superstar fabric designer Tula Pink, the glorious new Zuma collection. 

100% cotton; 44-45" wide; Priced per metric Fat Quarter.  All fabric is cut continuously, so if you would like 1m of fabric please enter 4 units.

 Tula says about Zuma: "The deepest oceans are like alien planets with sea life evolving unseen by human eyes. So why can’t a sea horse become a unicorn? I certainly cannot think of a reason. If it could happen then it could happen here. In vivid Technicolor with bio luminescent glow, you will find Spotted Eagle Sting Rays amongst the seaweed, Mini Blue Whales fraternising with giant Sea Unicorns and a bloom of Jellyfish gently drifting with the current.

There is a lot going down here so take a deep breath and join me on the ocean floor where the water is cool and quiet and the water bound wonders never cease."

Please note that all colours vary on computer monitors.  If you'd like to see a sample before you buy, do let us know and we will happily send you a sample.


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