REGISTRATION V&Co Ombre Bloom - Long Quarter CLUB


* Registration to our new V&Co Ombre Bloom Long Quarter Club! - starting November/December 2019 **

New to Olive & Flo a brand new fabric club featuring the gorgeous new V&Co Ombre Bloom.  Designed by Vanessa Christenson, a glorious new member of the V&Co Ombre family.  Featuring a colour gradient fabric peppered with sunprint blooms.  The Ombre colour fades from the selvage to the mid point of the fabric and back out again.  THEREFORE CLUB FABRICS WILL BE CUT AS LONG QUARTERS.  If you'd prefer Fat quarters please do let us know (FQs will still have the full colour gradient).

Each month we will hand pick a wonderful bundle of 5-6 long quarters from the collection, and by the end of the club you will have received the 32 strong FULL COLLECTION!  

This is a great way to build your stash with a cohesive set of oh so useful modern fabrics which work so well in all types of project.

Each bundle will be made up of 5 LQs (and 6 on two months) and cost £20.50 plus postage (£2.40 UK, £6 Europe).  Fat 8 memberships are also available 

We are expecting these fabrics in November/December 2019 and the first invoice will be sent once the fabrics arrive with us.

By signing up today, you are agreeing to be a member of our club for the full 6 months that the club runs.  Memberships cannot be cancelled part way throgh the club period.  Please note that the reservation fee is non refundable.

Invoices will be sent during the first week of the month and all invoices must be paid by 7th of each month so that we can send out your packages in a timely manner.  Again, by signing up you are agreeing to be a member for 6 months.

We hope you will love it!

Please do drop me a line if you have any questions!

100% cotton; 44-45" wide; 


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